Rainbows For Equality

Rainbows For Equality

The Healthy Loaf is a business all about creating equality, no one should have to miss out on what the person next to them can enjoy. We want Coeliac kids to be able to have a sandwich just like their non-Coeliac peers at school and we believe LGBTI people should be able to marry who they choose for the same reason!

We wanted to show that the Healthy Loaf 100% Gluten Free supports marriage equality, so we gave some of our gluten free bagels a rainbow makeover (for this blog only). No matter what you do or where you work, I’m sure there is some way you can show our LGBTI brothers and sisters that they have our support in the fight to gain equal rights. It often feels like there’s not a lot we can do as individuals to create change but everyone doing something small can really add up, like creating rainbows in your home or work and voting ‘Yes’ on the marriage equality survey!

The deadline to register to vote or update your details with the Australian Electoral Role (AEC) has now passed so the following key dates from the ABC may be of interest to you:

  • August 24 — the final day to register with the AEC if you want to take part in the survey
  • September 12 — survey forms start being sent out
  • October 27 — forms are strongly encouraged to be returned by this date
  • November 7 — the final deadline to return surveys
  • November 15 — results are released

So between now and the November 7 deadline, our other important job as a community is to remember that for many this is only an ideology but for others this is the nation passing judgement on their personal relationships and families. I’ve often thought lately how very difficult that must be. So let’s make sure those in our sphere of influence know we’re here, let them know we care and ask them how they’re coping. If we think a friend or family member might need some help it’s up to us to tell them we’re worried, ask how we can help and if needed, offer suggestions for some support—Mind Health Connect has some links to support organisations that may be helpful. So over the next few weeks let’s all be mindful of being kind to ourselves and each other and make our ‘yes’ votes count because after all, love is love.