"The closest thing to "real" bread I’ve tasted! Won't even try any others, it isn't dense and heavy like most gluten free breads, so light! Thanks to the healthy loaf!!" – Nella Sgro

Unique gluten free

In all healthy loaf recipes, the five base ingredients are: gluten free soy based flour; water; yeast; vinegar; and oil. There are no preservatives, because some coeliac sufferers can have a reaction to them.

The Healthy Loaf’s range of breads, rolls, wraps and pizza bases is most unique because of how they’re made. The Healthy Loaf’s Master Baker, Graham Gardner, pioneered a technique that mimics the baking process of real bread but without the gluten.

Coeliac Safe

The Healthy Loaf concentrates on keeping the safety of their product and customers at front of mind. This is why they made the shift to a 100% exclusively gluten free bakery in March 2013 so you can feel confident that when the Healthy Loaf products leave our bakery in their sealed packaging they are 100% gluten free. The Healthy Loaf products are also sugar free, vegetarian and with vegan and lactose free options* available across the entire range.

Fresh focused

The Healthy Loaf bakery is busy creating mouth-watering loaves and rolls every Monday and Thursday. This means you can place an order by contacting the Healthy Loaf and get your gluten free bread, fresh out of the oven at our retail shop in Bell Post Hill. Click here to go to contact us

You can freeze The Healthy Loaf gluten free range to extend its life, just like normal bread, but we leave that up to you and focus on making it fresh!

Versatile and available locally

The Healthy Loaf has a product to compliment every meal of the day. With more than a hundred wholesale customers regularly buying the Healthy Loaf range across Geelong, the Surf Coast, the Bellarine Peninsula and Ballarat, you can enjoy your next meal a little more whether you’re at home or out and about.

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Gluten Free Products

Here are some of our gluten free products.

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